Perks of Joining The Forum. (Must Read)

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Perks of Joining The Forum. (Must Read)

Post by The Boss: Asylum2jK on Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:12 pm

I opened up the forum page and wasn't logged in.
I almost forgot something that might make you wanna sign up:

You can ONLY see The News if you aren't registered!

That means you can't lul at my stupid posts - or read about your fellow guild mates that have had the testicular fortitude to post about themselves. (No offense Ro. XD )

Again: Not mandatory.
English may not be your language. You may have other issues. It's gravy.

Don't PM me complaining if you can't. It. Is. Okay.

But you are missing out.

I admit - There's not much substance yet, but we're getting there. So sign up if you're English, capable, have hands, literate, etc.
And contribute ffs.


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