A Newb's Guide to Guild Basics.

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A Newb's Guide to Guild Basics.

Post by The Boss: Asylum2jK on Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:34 am

Edited July 1st.
I thought everyone knew how a guild worked in this game. But after realizing multiple contributing members weren't getting their guild dungeon reward - or stepping outside of the "Private" rank - I figured it was time to throw this on here.

Main Page.

1.) See the happy spot that says "Claimed"? That's the gold you get daily. You can increase this daily gold by contributing more and raising your rank. In order to raise your rank, Click on "Admin" & then "Auto-Promote."

2.) Guild Boss is a lovely event where we tackle multiple beasts to earn a plethora of items and Xp for our guild. It is at 20:00 server time on alternating days. In order to find out what this time is for you, check the in game clock that's in the upper right portion of the screen and adjust that time to your location. Figure out what 20:00 is in your timezone.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: Be there. The Xp from Guild Boss is VITAL TO OUR GROWTH. If everyone in the entire guild shows up except for one person: It was a bad turn out.

3.) Guild Shop is pretty self-explanatory. The contribution points you earn from donations and participating in guild events can be spent here every day for items. I always stock up on drills and refresh scrolls, personally.
And trust me.. 0ver time, those blessing, mastery & refine stones can really add up.

4.) Guild Dungeon is a once-a-day guild event where we all throw ourselves at particularly hard enemies. You have 5 attempts, be sure and use them all - even if you die quickly. Trust me, we all die in Guild Dungeon; But eventually our efforts bring them down. So attack. And be sure to check back to see if Guild Dungeon has been cleared, too many people are not getting their rewards. Some of which could be a large pile of diamonds or a legendary character - Once a day!

5.) Tech is where our guild researches - with your help through daily donations - bonuses to stat points. After the stat is unlocked, you can "purchase" the bonus with your contribution points. It's almost like having free stats - Which are higher than most others because of our guild level. Be sure and check tech every so often to purchase your stats.
If you have stats you have not purchased yet, you have failed.

6.) Guild Expedition. NEW. I have no bloody idea when this event will come back. All you need to know is this: When it starts, be there. We'll pick a rival guild and have a go at their peasant faces. Choose your battles wisely - And FFS don't attack anyone unless you see a blue bar over their head. If you do not see a blue bar, they're already dead. We can play with the corpses later - Kill everyone first.

The Tabs At The Top.

1.) Home. I have no idea what this button does. Mail me if you figure it out.
2.) Member. This will show you a list of Eclipse members. Everyone you see on this list should have a daily contribution of at least 3500 or they have failed.
3.) Admin. This is where my elite play around with more options than you. It's also the page where you use the auto-promote function to get more gold daily.
4.) Donation. I think this is where you go to donate. If you make it this far without dying, be sure and donate 198 diamonds. Don't forget to claim your rewards as they unlock. We should hit 90 progress daily or we have failed.
5.) Guild Info. Only my elite can see this page. Fret not, it's just a list of who has done what that day. And a list of people we've thrown out for not doing what they should have.
6.) Ranking. Our pretty name is up high - but not nearly high enough.
7.) Shards. Donate shards of characters you don't use to your fellow guild mates & in return ask for a few you need. Do this daily. The amount seems trivial but can certainly add up over time. Are you with us for the long haul?

The other items on the main guild page have yet to be unlocked. Hopefully soon. Until then, keep building yourself up - and keep building Eclipse up as well.

Sew this into your memory:

Together, We are Eclipse.
A Force Capable 0f Obscuring The Light 0f The Sun Itself.
Heaven is a little too bright.

Separate? You're just some name on a screen.

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