The New Forum! [.READ FIRST.]

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The New Forum! [.READ FIRST.]

Post by The Boss: Asylum2jK on Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:17 pm

Yeah, so I decided Eclipse needed a forum.

Our "Dysfunctional Family" consists of people of different languages, timezones, ages, etc - playing at various intervals whenever they can.

Consider this forum a Base of Operations. I can quickly link to certain pages/announcements.

Here are a few basic rules for the forum:

1.) Use it & Use it often, even if you're just bored.
2.) No nudity or rancid language.
3.) Don't hate on your fellow guild-mates.
4.) Don't be shy. It's all good. We're all gamers.
5.) Make your username here as similar as you can to your In-game name.
6.) Help out your guild-mates with advice! We're noob-friendly.
7.) Contribute! Check out the main forum page, tell us about yourself.
8.) Only Registered members are allowed to post in any category.
9.) Only Registered members are allowed to view anything other than the Guild News.
10.) E-mail validation is no longer required. Because: We can ban your IP.

11.) Be sure and read everything in the Guild News section: You could be missing something.
12.) I put a lot of effort into all this. I expect a lot from you.

13.) Eclipse.

I'll be posting things here & there in hopes of getting this forum flowing. Do keep in mind this is a work in progress - But we're Eclipse, so who gives af.

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