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Post by The Boss: Asylum2jK on Sat Jun 04, 2016 5:17 pm

This topic is for Recruiting Purposes only & can be sent to non-members.

Are you just joining up or thinking about joining Eclipse?

Goal: Sure, it's a game. I get it. But why not make the most of it? Our aim is to produce a highly organized, active & social guild - Something worth signing into daily to see what's up. The guild already has a variety of "interesting characters" of all races, ages & attitudes. In my gaming experience, most guilds are a little too.. quiet & dull.

We like variety: A lot of our members don't speak English. I personally google-translate if I need to tell them something. Some of our members are quite mature, as well. We've got college kids, mommies, daddies, belly-dancers & a headcase that runs the group. You won't be out of place unless you suck irl.

Is your Guild Head too quiet?: I will literally get on your nerves with mail updates & random nonsense. I will bother you when you're slacking. Why? Who tf cares, it's what I do. I run this.

But Asylum, I'm a total noob: We have strategic geniuses to help you with your questions. Should I do this, should I do that? Someone will help you out. Sometimes I even like to think we know wtf we're talking about.
*We cannot help you determine your username or password or properly potty train your grandfather.

Here are some basic ground rules to consider:

1.) Royal Donations only.
2.) 7 Days of being inactive gets you the boot.
3.) Members should join & contribute to our forum! USE YOUR INGAME NAME.
4.) If time-zones permit, try and be at Guild Boss every other day.
5.) Guild Dungeon is a daily event: Free things.
6.) Don't be scared to talk in guild chat.
7.) Playing around is okay but don't insult other members.
8.) Have a sense of humor: We're all gamers here.
9.) There is absolutely NO BR REQUIREMENT to join as long as you stay active.
10.) We're awesome. You're awesome if you're with us. Deal with it.
11.) Upon joining, consider adding the Head, Dept Head(s) & Elders to your in-game friends list for easy PM's.
12.) Life is obviously way more important to the guild. We are extremely understanding of schedules, work, school.
13.) Eclipse is so awesome our name is associated with obscuring the light of the sun by the moon and.. gum.

Chew on all that before joining.


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