Eclipse: The Path to Rank 1.

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Eclipse: The Path to Rank 1.

Post by The Boss: Asylum2jK on Wed Jun 08, 2016 4:05 pm

Eclipse. Clearly more determined, dedicated, whatever, than any other guild - Deserves to be Rank 1. And if you aren't determined, dedicated, whatever: Maybe it's time to step up your game.

Do you realize that the game isn't finished yet? Soon, guild wars, cross-server guild expeditions & more. This is why it's vital to build a strong guild base now: Consider it preparation to Dominate the Server.

Let's take a look at a few things.. Shall we?
We'll begin with this hastily cut portion of the rank board.

Eclipse has been at the bottom. We've been 3. And we've been 2. But never 1. Once, we held Rank 2 with significantly lower members & a much lower BR than everyone around us. What's that mean?
The key factors to rank are:

Active Members & Guild level. Contribution & coming back daily are more important than strength alone.

The majority of our members do Royal Donations: A great way to boost Guild Xp. During Guild Boss, the more we kill; the more xp we get.

In short: Royal Donations & high Guild Boss numbers are extremely important. If you can, do both.

If you can't, I suggest you do one or the other.

Timezones, I get it. If you can't show up for events, I understand. What I do NOT understand is greedy people who cannot contribute a Royal Donation to this guild. Here, let's put together a little guide for how ridiculously easy it can be.

This is me holding your hand.

This is the bar that comes up when you do daily quests in this game. You should already be familiar with it. By getting this bar to the magic number of 120, you will receive a total of 130 Diamonds. Free.

The game gives them to you for what ultimately boils down to 10 minutes of hitting a few buttons.
Don't you think you can manage to come up with another 68 Diamonds? Chests? Progress? 198 is free.

Now, let's take a closer look at how our donations effect not only guild level, but daily guild progress.

If everyone does their job, this cute little bar fills and fills and fills.

That 90 spot is pretty important.
Take my hand, I'll show you why.

This is what happens when you hit the 90 spot, sweetheart.

Wow, it's like a 100 Diamond refund if everyone does their job. That means a Royal would only cost.. uhh, I'm bad at math. What? 98 diamonds? Well, douse me in gasoline and light me on fire because Hell just froze over. - That's crazy! And I don't mean me.

It's just a game man, relax: I am relaxed. If you want to suck, go hang out with other people that suck.
I do a Royal Every Day: Then this isn't about you. It's for you.
I don't have the time: Half this game is auto-mode. You can finish dailies while taking a dump.
But I'm saving up for... : This will benefit you in the long run. Go save up with someone else.

y so srs?

For every person that does 1 Advanced Donation, I have 3 Other people that do a Royal Donation.


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Re: Eclipse: The Path to Rank 1.

Post by immortal_the _strongest on Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:48 am

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